5 Day Podcast Challenge

Learn how to create, record, launch & market your very first Podcast! 


5 Days of Live Training to Teach You How to Launch Your Podcast

Are Your Ready to Take the Challenge?

A challenge is a strategy to take you from dreaming of completing something, to taking action and getting it done.

The Podcast challenge process is as follows: Each day over 5 days, I will give you live training and exercises on specific topics related to Podcasting. Each day you wil learn something new that will build on the previous days lesson and exercises. 

At the end of the challenge you will have the knowledge and training to achieve wha you desire. The desire to Launch Your Own Podcast! 

We are opening the doors again very soon. To get on the waitlist and be notified when the doors open. 

What will we be covering in the Launch your 5 Day Podcast Challenge.

DAY 1 Starting Great 

The hidden benefits of being a Podcaster & picking your Podcast topic.

DAY 2 The Gear 

Learn how to pick the right Podcast equipment on a budget.

DAY 3 Great Sound 

Learn how to record and edit your show to sound professional and credible.

Day 4 Getting Listed

Learn how to get listed in the largest podcast directories in less than 3 Days. iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play.

DAY 5 Marketing 

Get a proven strategy on how to launch & market your Podcast.

I've been a marketing professional for over 18 years and right now there is no better way to gain authority, brand your expertise, and build an audience in your niche', than with your own podcast.  

This Free 5 Day Free Challenge will give you the tools and training to develop your first podcast idea, create it, and launch it to your audience.  

You can hear more about podcasting and digital marketing on my podcast Marketing is Mandatory. 


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